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We love our patients! We’ve had many patients over the years treated with Gamma Knife. Here’s what they have to say.

The first time I heard about trigeminal neuralgia was thru my mother. My parents were living in the San Francisco Bay area back in the 1980s when my mom began to experience sharp outbreaks of intense pain in her right lower jaw. Her dentist suggested she needed a root canal, which she received.   The pains continued. After some time a neurologist at Stanford Medical Center diagnosed the condition as trigeminal neuralgia. He put her on Tegretol (an anti-seizure medication) which she continued for many years.   Sometimes it would be effective in keeping the pain under control, but gradually it lost its effectiveness. After moving to Thousand Oaks (west of Los Angeles) my mother went to a surgeon who performed a radiofrequency rhizotomy.   This “burns” the nerve and can alleviate pain.   Her pain returned and she had a second procedure which did not work very well.   The frequency and severity of the pain attacks increased to the point where she really had to put her life on hold.   My parents were enjoying a very active retirement, traveling the world with friends.   Finally in 1999 I suggested to my parents that my mother be treated with Gamma Knife radiosurgery at the San Diego Gamma Knife Center. We had been treating trigeminal neuralgia patients for four years and my mother became our 88th patient. We have since performed over 800 Gamma Knife radiosurgery treatments for trigeminal neuralgia, with good to excellent results in ¾ of the patients. My mother was a star patient even at the age of 81.   The procedure went very smoothly. She stayed at our house that night and returned home to Thousand Oaks the next morning. Within a couple of months the attacks subsided for the first time in 16 years. She was generally free of pain and off the medication (which she despised) for the last 6 years of her life.   Even as she bravely faced a long and difficult decline in her last year of life with a fatal disease, she made sure I knew how much it meant to her to be free of this terrible condition.
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